Meet Our Staff

Bob Hall
Bob Hall
School Counselor


Phone: 802.264.5710

Grade 9: A-E
Grade 10: A-DA
Grade 11: A-D
Grade 12: A-FEN
Julie Pastore
Julie Pastore
School Counselor


Phone: 802.264.5712

Grade 9: F-ME
Grade 10: DB-N
Grade 11: E-MC
Grade 12: FER- PERR
Katie Moran
Katie Moran
School Counselor


Phone: 802.264.5709

Grade 9: MF-Z
Grade 10: O-Z
Grade 11: ME-Z
Grade 12: PERS-Z
Patty Ward
Patty Ward
Guidance Registrar


Phone: 802.264.5713
Fax: 802.264.5757
Resources and Reminders

Make sure to check out the new and improved "Counseling Page" on the CHS website for more resources and updates.

Don't forget to regularly check the PLP Board for job, volunteer, and leadership opportunities.

**Disclaimer: These opportunities are not necessarily endorsed by the school, but are available in the community.

Various Support Available

Counselors are available daily for academic, career, personal, and/or social counseling. Stop by the CHS Guidance Office or email your counselor directly to make an appointment.