The CHS Science Department cultivates an environment that fosters lifelong intellectual curiosity and enables students to become scientifically literate citizens. This is achieved through a variety of interconnected, rigorous and authentic learning experiences in which students model concepts, investigate questions, analyze data and evidence, problem solve and communicate findings. Through their science experience students employ and hone lifelong learning habits to achieve proficiency in these skills across science disciplines.
Mission Statement


  1. Modeling: The CHS graduate can construct, interpret and analyze models and systems to build understanding and test ideas across science disciplines.
  2. Analyzing: The CHS graduate can critically analyze information from a number of sources (written, graphical, verbal) to draw scientifically valid conclusions across science disciplines.
  3. Communicating Scientifically: The CHS graduate can effectively communicate scientifically valid evidence in a number of ways (written, graphically, verbally) to support an argument across science disciplines.
  4. Investigating: The CHS graduate can design, implement, and refine scientific investigations across science disciplines.
  5. Engineering Solutions: The CHS graduate can design, implement, and refine engineering solutions across science disciplines.
  6. Connecting: The CHS graduate can identify, describe and explain interrelationships and connections among science disciplines, technology and society.