Academic Supports

Below are a number of academic supports that are available to the students of Colchester High School. Students should talk to their counselor if they would like more information.

Expand the sections below to learn more about the various academic supports.

The Math Center is a walk-in help center designed to support students taking any math course at CHS. Each semester, the Math Center is staffed by a combination of mathematics teachers, a Math Center coordinator, and/or science teachers. Students are encouraged to sign up to use the Math Center during their AT or to drop in whenever they have a math related question or need support on a math assignment. Additionally, the Math Center is also a place where students can find math enrichment opportunities.

The schedule and additional information is available on the CHS Math Center page.

  • Use some sort of planner:
    • Homework apps can be found under search in phone
    • Use your planner from school if you have one
    • Get a planner from the planning room if you need one
    • Use the reminder feature on your phone
    • Use the Notes feature on your phone
    • Use a small notebook
  • Use a Homework Folder—have one side for homework to be done and one side for homework to be returned (HW in, HW out)
  • Do A day work on A days and B day work on B days (so you can get help the next day, so it's fresh in your mind, and so you do not run out of time to do it)
  • Make a habit of taking the first minute of class to see what needs to be handed in and the last minute of class making sure you've written down the homework
  • Go through your backpack, pull out extra papers and put in piles according to subject (i.e. file them). Three hole punch them, organize them in order of completion or lesson, and put them in a binder.
  • Check PowerSchool daily to see if there is anything missing (and connect with teachers if you have any questions)
  • Sign up for PowerSchool app on your phone to get notified of grade changes
  • Check teacher websites to find out assignments that are due
  • For extra help:
    • Meet with your teachers before school, after school, during lunch, or during your study halls by making appointments with them (often many of them have the same time available as you)
    • Use the Math Center during your study halls or during lunch
  • Meet with your School Counselor for help organizing yourself
  • Ask your parents for help getting organized
Resources and Reminders

Make sure to check out the new and improved "Counseling Page" on the CHS website for more resources and updates.

Don't forget to regularly check the PLP Board for job, volunteer, and leadership opportunities.

**Disclaimer: These opportunities are not necessarily endorsed by the school, but are available in the community.

Various Support Available

Counselors are available daily for academic, career, personal, and/or social counseling. Stop by the CHS Guidance Office or email your counselor directly to make an appointment.