CHS Literacy Lab

A valuable resource not available at most high schools, the CHS Literacy Lab offers students of all readiness levels a place to receive support with both reading and writing skills. The workshop provides a constructive work environment in a small setting that allows for direct one-on-one tutoring. Students may attend the Literacy Lab to work on targeted interventions related to the CHS humanities proficiencies or to receive direct support on specific assignments. This may involve checking in about readings, from in-class articles to textbooks and novels, or working on reading skills and strategies that will serve them well no matter the context. Students may also come to the Literacy Lab to receive guidance in all aspects of the writing process—from brainstorming and outlining all the way through proofreading and editing. They can access help on specific written assignments, including green house "Essential Writings," college essays, lab reports, Advanced Placement thesis papers, and even personal free time writing. Drop-ins are welcome!

Literacy Lab Schedule 2018-2019

A Days
A1 Mr. King
AT Ms. Vilmont
A3 Mr. MacArdle
A4 closed
A5 closed
B Days
B1 Mr. Thime
AT Ms. Vilmont
B3 Ms. Hughes
B4 closed
B5 closed