Academic Planning

Welcome to Academic Planning
Here you will find resources to help students remain on track to successfully complete their graduation requirements. School Counselors work closely with students and families to not only help the student meet the graduation requirements, but also to prepare them for success in college and/or a career after high school.

All students at Colchester High School develop a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). This plan offers a variety of pathways for students. The options for these pathways include but are not limited to, community service, Dual Enrollment and Early College with local colleges, student aide assignments, mentoring, work study, independent study, online learning and internships.

PLP Resources

Naviance is comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

The Naviance Family Connection is the portal that provides access to the Naviance program. Below is a link to the Naviance Family Connection.

Having trouble logging in? Contact your School Counselor.
PLP Opportunities

Looking for community service? Go to for hundreds of opportunities for students 17 and under.

All juniors and seniors are eligible for two Dual Enrollment vouchers, each good for one free college course at a participating college. The free credits earned at college also count as credit towards graduation from high school!

Get your Dual Enrollment Vouchers at:

Voucher FAQs
  • The voucher covers the cost of tuition for up to a 4-credit course at any of the participating colleges. The voucher does not cover the costs of materials and textbooks.
  • Some funding is available through VSAC to help cover these additional costs for students who are eligible for free and reduced price lunch.
  • Vouchers are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis, and unused vouchers expire every semester. (You can apply again.)
  • Students must apply for a voucher whether they take a course on a college campus or take a course at their high school for college credit.
  • Get approval from your school for a dual enrollment course to ensure you will receive high school credit. (For a voucher to pay for a college course, it must count as credit towards graduation at the student's high school.)
  • If a student changes his or her mind and wants to attend a different college, the student needs to apply for another voucher.
  • If the student drops the course within the college or university's published add/drop period, the voucher will not be applied, and it is available for use in a different semester.
This early admission program allows high school seniors to take a full year of college-level classes while completing their high school degree. The Early College Program simultaneously serves as a student's senior year of high school and a full year of college credit. Students may apply to take a year-long course of study in any discipline.

CCV offers a free, non-credit Introduction to College Studies (ICS) course for high school students each semester. ICS prepares you for college by helping you set goals, problem-solve, manage time and stress, improve communication skills, take better notes, reduce test anxiety, and plan financially.

To enroll in this class, apply online and select a specific ICS course section. The skills assessment is not required, as it will be completed during the class.

Want more information about ICS? Visit

The admission process for acceptance to CTE for next school year 2021-2022:
  1. Go to
  2. Check out the programs offered to juniors, seniors as well as adults. Remember Pre-Tech programs are for Sophomores only.
  3. Every Virtual Program Visit you will see a red button that says "Yes, I'd like to learn more." This will take you to a form where you will provide us your contact information. Please fill out this form (just once, no matter how many programs you view).
  4. If you have any questions you can email or click on the program instructor's name and email them directly with any specific program questions.
  5. You will need to submit an application to CTE. On our website you will see our applications (High School students as well as Adult applicants). Print off the application and complete it. You will need to see or email your school counselor for assistance with the application process.. Your school counselor will complete the application by providing CTE your transcripts, attendance and behavior records, along with your CTE application.
  6. PRIORITY Deadline for CTE applications is March 5, 2021. If you miss this date, you will still be able to apply, however may end up on a waitlist for the program you have applied to.
  7. After a review of your application, you will be invited to an Admission meeting with the program teacher. This is part of the application process and you must attend. This will provide you another opportunity to ask questions about the program you have applied to.
  8. Students will be notified of acceptance in early April 2021.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have and seeing some of you next year!

Burlington Technical Center
Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 - Half Day
Center for Technology Essex
Grade 11 and/or Grade 12 - Full Day
Grade 10 only - Pre-Tech

  • Auto Science & Tech
  • Aviation Tech
  • Computer Systems
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary
  • Design & Illustration
  • Electronic Recording Arts
  • Human Development & Early Childhood Education
  • Medical & Sports Sciences
  • Welding & Metal
  • Automotive Technology
  • Building Technology
  • Childhood Education/Human Services
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Systems Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Dental Assisting
  • Design & Creative Media
  • Engineering & Architectural Design
  • Health Informatics
  • National Resources
  • Pre-Tech
  • Professional Foods
  • Webpage Design

Attention CHS Families of 9th and 10th Grade Students!

Ninth graders should talk to their counselor if they would like more information.

Check out Burlington Technical Center and/or the Center for Technology Essex website(s) for more information.

Virtual High School is a global consortium of schools offering classes to each other via the internet. We’ve found that VHS classes offer more time to be reflective about discussions. Students are not bound to just the class period to discuss a topic—that’s one of the benefits Virtual High School’s asynchronously scheduled courses bring to education. Students have the opportunity to work with other students in a virtual classroom space—students (and teachers) from other states, other countries, other cultures. It is a tremendous enhancement to a student’s educational experience and lots of fun! VHS classes also help students better prepare for college and work-force learning.

VHS students tell us that they feel better prepared for college because in VHS they learned to work independently, and were responsible for managing their time and learning. If fact, many colleges are now using online courses to enhance face-toface college courses, and VHS students have a head start because they are already accustomed to learning in an online environment! Virtual High School offers a terrific way for students to broaden their educational horizons and take classes that would otherwise be unavailable to them, in an environment that is safe, challenging, and fun.

For a list of courses go to See your counselor to learn more about taking a VHS class.

Keep an eye on the PLP Opportunities board located outside the High School cafeteria for additional volunteer opportunities.

United Way
The United Way can connect you with hundreds of volunteer opportunities in your community and beyond. Check out the United Way:
American Red Cross
Volunteer opportunities here in Vermont and different states as well.
29 Mansfield Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 660-9130
Bike Recycle Vermont
664 Riverside Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 264-9687
Boys and Girls Club of Burlington
Teen Mentoring Program and more!
Main Clubhouse: Administrative Offices
62 Oak Street, Burlington Vermont 05401
(802) 864-5263
Mary Alice McKenzie - Executive Director
Champlain Senior Center
Whatever skill you share, from teaching to chatting with a senior, your time at the Center enriches the lives of our participants and contributes to the overall vitality of the Center.
241 North Winooski Ave
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 658-3585
Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf
Food Shelf and/or Soup Kitchen
228 North Winooski Ave.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 658-7939
COTS - Committee on Temporary Shelter
Questions about volunteering? Email
(802) 540-3084
Ethan Allen Homestead
No prior experience is necessary and scheduling is flexible. Please contact Phyllis Drury to learn more at
Ethan Allen Homestead
1 Ethan Allen Homestead
Burlington, VT 05408
(802) 865-4556
Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Want to volunteer for an internationally accredited nonprofit that provides guide dogs to people with vision loss, as well as service dogs to children with autism? Contact the Regional Manager, ML Hansen, at
60 Kimball Avenue, South Burlington, VT
King Street Center
Love kids? Volunteer here!
87 King Street
Burlington, VT 05402
(802) 862-6736
Ronald McDonald House
Support families who have children in the hospital. Volunteers may help monitor and staff the House and Family Room, prepare meals, assist in fundraising and special events, or run needed errands.
16 S Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 862-4943
Town of Colchester
Burnham Memorial Library, Fire Dept, Food Shelf, Parks and Rec Dept.,Rescue Squad, Dept. of Public Works, etc.
Town of Colchester Town Manager’s Office
781 Blakely Road, Colchester, VT 05446
(802) 264-5509

In order for a student to participate in the graduation ceremony, s/he must have completed the twenty four and a half (24.5) graduation requirements outlined in this policy.

Requirements Credits
English 4.0 (Essential Writings)
Social Studies 3.5 (American History, Senior Seminar)
Science 3.5 (Earth Systems Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Mathematics 3.5 (Algebra, Geometry)
Fine Arts 1.0
Health 0.5
Physical Education 1.5
Electives 7
Total 24.5

All students must earn a minimum of twenty-four and a half (24.5) credits in Grades 9 – 12, as awarded by the Colchester High School which shall accept credits received from other accredited secondary schools, including summer school. Students entering the Colchester High School from a non-accredited school and alternative programs of study may establish credits through an examination given by the Colchester High School or by other means as determined by the Principal.

Colchester High School will provide students the opportunity to experience learning through flexible and multiple pathways, including but not limited to career and technical education, virtual learning, work-based learning, service learning, dual enrollment and early college. Learning must occur under the supervision of an appropriately licensed educator.

Learning expectations must be aligned with state expectations and standards. Students must be allowed to demonstrate proficiency by presenting multiple types of evidence, including but not limited to teacher- or student-designed assessments, portfolios, performances, exhibitions and projects.

Colchester High School is moving towards a proficiency-based graduation system whereby academic credit is awarded upon mastery of proficiencies in courses and other learning experiences. Instead of students gaining credit for the time they put into classes, for instance during a semester, students will now have to demonstrate they have met set learning expectations to receive credit no matter how long it takes. Taken together, the proficiencies or credits gained will provide a cumulative body of evidence that students have met overall school-wide and discipline-specific graduation expectations and are ready to graduate. We are working towards the proficiency-based graduation system, guided by a personal learning plan for each student, being in place by September, 2020.

In order for a student to participate in the graduation ceremony, s/he must have completed the twenty-four and a half (24.5) graduation requirements outlined in this policy.

Resources and Reminders

Make sure to check out the new and improved "Counseling Page" on the CHS website for more resources and updates.

Don't forget to regularly check the PLP Board for job, volunteer, and leadership opportunities.

**Disclaimer: These opportunities are not necessarily endorsed by the school, but are available in the community.

Various Support Available

Counselors are available daily for academic, career, personal, and/or social counseling. Stop by the CHS Guidance Office or email your counselor directly to make an appointment.