World Language

The CHS World Language Department promotes global citizenship in its students in order to prepare them to better understand and thrive in a global society. Through communication, comparison and personal connections, students gain perspective and understanding of language and culture, including their own. We believe experiencing cultures and using other languages is transformative; it allows students to see beyond cultural barriers, enabling them to be more engaged and responsive in an ever-changing world.
Mission Statement


  1. Presentational: Students can engage in meaningful one-way communication (speaking and writing) to inform, explain, persuade and/or narrate to an intended audience on a range of content and contexts.
  2. Interpretive: Students can interpret meaning and cultural perspective through reading, listening and viewing a variety of authentic materials.
  3. Interpersonal Communication: Students can participate in conversations on familiar topics, using sentences and/or series of sentences, in appropriate time frames, as well as handle social interactions and everyday tasks by asking and answering a variety of questions.
  4. Language Fundamentals: Students can recognize and make use of thematic vocabulary and grammatical conventions of increasing complexity as they communicate with the various modes and advance through the levels of language learning.
  5. Culture and Connections: Students can interact with empathy and an awareness of the perspectives of self and others, while recognizing the factors that influence who people are and how they communicate.