Health Services

The nursing staff in each building are available to answer health related questions, administer over-the-counter and precription medications, provide first aid and emergency care, and vision and hearing screenings. Students with chronic health conditions have written individualized health care plans on file.

Healthy students are better learners. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Bright Futures recommends an annual well-child exam to address the physical, social and emotional needs of students. Doing so promotes attendance, enhances the student's ability to fully access and enjoy the educational experience and promotes better academic outcomes.

All students are required to have met immunization requirements or have an exemption on file. Exemptions need to be signed yearly per state requirements. Please view the Vermont Department of Health Immunization Regulations for more information.

Students requiring prescription medication during the school day need an authorization form signed by the physician and parent. Please see our Medication Policy for additional information. Prescription medications will not be given without a Medical Authorization on file.

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Moriah McCullagh
Moriah McCullagh
District Nurse Supervisor

Phone: 802.264.5724

Lindsey Campion
Lindsey Campion
Union Memorial School Nurse

Phone: 802.264.5948

Suzanne Abbott
Porters Point School Nurse

Phone: 802.264.5923

Josie Lang
Josie Lang
Colchester High School Nurse

Phone: 802.264.5723

Melissa Goldberg
Melissa Goldberg
Middle School Nurse

Phone: 802.264.5803

Emily Dousevicz
Mallets Bay & Essential Education Nurse

Phone: 802.264.5904