The mission of the Colchester School District is to partner with our community to educate each of our students to become engaged, productive citizens who lead successful, balanced, and healthy lives.
Colchester School District Mission Statement
Our students, families, and citizens will feel a sense of belonging and pride as we work to prepare for an ever-changing society. Our partnerships will lead to a vibrant, inclusive community, proud of innovative learning and flexible approaches in learning with a commitment to excellence for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
MBS Vision Statement

Malletts Bay School is a third through fifth grade elementary school with approximately 465 students. In addition, we are home to Colchester’s Early Education program, including Essential Early Education, and free family playgroups.

Our school is a community of learners who all follow three core concepts: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety. We have three wings known as “houses,” with grades three, four and five represented in each wing. Teachers work together within and across grade levels to offer a comprehensive, coordinated curriculum.

We have strong programs in art, music, library, physical education, and guidance. Teachers in these areas work closely together and with classroom teachers to offer a well rounded education, taking “the whole child” into consideration as we plan for an enriched educational experience.

We have strong systems of early identification and support for striving learners, and differentiate our instruction to meet the needs of a broad range of learning abilities, interests, readiness, and styles.

Our students benefit from strong parent and community support. Parents offer a natural science program known as “Four Winds,” and volunteer and visit as they can. Our PTO raises both funds and fun, with celebrations offered throughout the year to bring parents and students together for relaxation and fun. Parents run a school garden, with students planting and harvesting nutritious foods that are sampled in our café.

Our curriculum is continually updated to align with the Common Core State Standards. Our teachers work closely together to ensure a guaranteed, quality curriculum for every student. For more detailed information about our curriculum, please visit the District’s Curriculum Page.