February 20-21 - PPS Musical Performance

February 23 - Report Cards go home with students

February 26 - March 2 - Mid-Winter Recess


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NFSS Engineering Adventures

Teachers from PPS, UMS, and MBS all participated in an inservice day learning about the Next Generation Science Standards engineering design cycle. They learned how to teach engineering design while also experiencing it first hand. Everyone was given an assignment to use scientific principles to develop a structure that would keep water cold on a hot playground. Check out this Magisto movie of the creative prototypes they came up with in this engineering design challenge.

2017 Walk to School Day

Hundreds of Colchester students participated in National Walk to School Day. Not only did the kids receive great support and patience from commuters as they cautiously drove through our school zones but the police department and athletes from Colchester's own Saint Michael's College joined in to cheer them on!

PPS Open House 2017

Highlights from our Open House on October 28, 2017. Students enjoyed showing off their work to their families, families enjoyed meeting PPS teachers. Thank you all for showing up to support your child's learning at Porters Point School!

PPS: Our First Days Together 2017

Our first days of school were happy and busy at Porters Point. Enjoy this Magisto movie featuring photos and video clips from every classroom and every activity. It’s going to be a great year! #ppsvt #csdvt #firstdaysofschool

Inservice in Action!

We're gearing up for the return of our students on Wednesday, August 30th! Take a peek at what we were up to at our Opening Ceremony Inservice. #wearecolchester

2017 End of Year Video

As the school year comes to a close, our principals share what they are most proud of.

PPS Mighty Makers Open House 2017

Students take family and friends on learning tours of their Project-Based Learning work for our Mighty Makers PBL Open House on June 14, 2017.

Ready Set Run

Dozens of students have caught the running bug at Porters Point School!

The Blue Whale

After reading one of this year's Red Clover books, K-2 students at PPS used a research method to answer the question, "If you see a whale, how would you know it is a blue whale?" The information they gathered to answer the question was then used by a group of second graders to write and perform their original script!

2017 Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

Students all around the district want to thank our teachers and staff for the incredible work they do all year long. They made this video to share why they appreciate the staff here at CSD!

Taiko at PPS

Watch PPS students learn the art of TAIKO drumming as part of the Artist-in-Residency program.

How a Kindergarten Class Bought a Goat (and Why!)

Meet an amazing group of Colchester kindergarteners who set out to buy a goat as an act of kindness.

Just Ask a Student

Check out this amazing video created entirely by Colchester students! Seniors Jaclyn Cline and Courtney Dessormeau traveled all over town asking kids what they love most about going to school in Colchester and then compiled the answers into one fantastic video. You'll love their responses and probably see someone you know!

Practicing Precision

See how students at Porters Point School practice precision in many different ways!

Your Vote Matters E4: Be the Difference

As we make the final push to the polls, we have one last video to share with you from our Your Vote Matters series. We've titled this video "Be the Difference" because we believe at the end of the day, it could come down to just a handful of ballots. As timing would have it, Superintendent Minor gets to share some exciting news with you in this video. (Spoiler alert: the tax increase is going to be lower than we originally anticipated!)

Your Vote Matters E3: Shaping Futures

Besides all of the necessary operational costs of running a school district with over two thousand students, what type of educational opportunities does the school budget provide our students? Why is the education system so different now than it was 20 years ago? Watch Superintendent Amy Minor's next video to find out.

Your Vote Matters E2: Enrollment

Here's the new episode from our Your Vote Matters series! This week's topic is enrollment. Is it really declining? What would that mean for class sizes and teachers? Find that out and more by watching this 3-minute video hosted by Superintendent Amy Minor. Plus, there's a special treat at the end for music lovers!

Your Vote Matters: Episode One

Have you met the new superintendent yet? Every week we'll be producing short videos (less than 3 minutes!) hosted by Superintendent Amy Minor. She'll cover a variety of topics surrounding the budget and the impact it has on our students and taxpayers. Our overarching goal of this series is to communicate how important local votes are to our community and subsequently increase voter turnout. Have a question you want answered? Let us know!

Performing Arts Center Opens at CHS

The renovation of the Performing Arts Center for Colchester Schools is complete! We invite you watch the video to take a tour of the upgrades and hear students and faculty express their appreciation to the Colchester community for supporting this project.

We believe in a shared learning environment that involves the collaboration of the entire community. Our instruction respects and addresses the needs of all students according to their readiness, learning style and interests to cultivate high levels of achievement. We value and promote the physical, social and emotional well-being of all to create a positive and effective learning community.