Here's the new episode from our Your Vote Matters series! This week's topic is enrollment. Is it really declining? What would that mean for class sizes and teachers? Find that out and more by watching this 3-minute video hosted by Superintendent Amy Minor. Plus, there's a special treat at the end for music lovers!


Upcoming Events

Feb. 22 - International Club Meeting at 2:30pm in room 205.

Feb. 24 - Coffeehouse at 7:00pm.

Feb. 27 - March 3 - Winter Recess.

March 6 - Staff In-Service.  No school for students.

March 7 - Family Teacher Conferences (10am - 6pm).  No school for students.


Feb. 22 - Boys’ Ice Hockey vs CVU at Cairns-1 @ 5:20pm

Feb. 22 - Girls’ Ice Hockey vs Cougar Hawks at Essex @ 8:15pm

Feb. 23 - Alpine Skiing vs BFA at Smugger's @ 9:45am

Feb. 23 - Girls’ Basketball vs Mt. Abraham (JV @5:30pm, V @ 7:00pm)

Feb. 24 - Nordic Skiing State Championships at Rikert @ 8:30am

School Choice Deadline - March 1st

The School Choice deadline is March 1st. Please follow this link for more information about school choice and to access the application.

Spring Sports

Mar. 8 - Cheerleading informational meeting in room 105-107 at 2:30pm.

Mar. 8 - Rugby informational meeting in room 117-119 at 2:30pm.

Mar. 9 - Parent/ Athlete Spring Sports meeting at 6:00pm.

Mar. 13-18 - Practices begin for pitchers/ catchers.

Mar. 20 - Practices begin for spring sports.

SchoolDigger ranks CHS as the #4 public high school in VT!

SchoolDigger ranks CHS as the #4 public high school in the State of Vermont. See this link for more information and the metrics used in the ranking.


StartClass ranks CHS as the #1 public high school in VT!

Using data from the National Research Center for Education Statistics and the Civil Rights Data Collection, StartClass found the top public high school in every state.


Upcoming Events

Video Library

Have you met the new superintendent yet? Every week we'll be producing short videos (less than 3 minutes!) hosted by Superintendent Amy Minor. She'll cover a variety of topics surrounding the budget and the impact it has on our students and taxpayers. Our overarching goal of this series is to communicate how important local votes are to our community and subsequently increase voter turnout. Have a question you want answered? Let us know!

If you had a whole semester to choose, research, test, and communicate a topic that really interested you, what would you pick?! Check out this 3-minute video to learn more about two CHS Seniors who piloted the new Extended Learning course and got to do just that!


The renovation of the Performing Arts Center for Colchester Schools is complete! We invite you watch the video to take a tour of the upgrades and hear students and faculty express their appreciation to the Colchester community for supporting this project.

The mission of the Colchester High School—proud of its respect for individual needs and its commitment to integrated learning—is to ensure that all students will develop the academic proficiency, social skill, and character, to be fulfilled, responsible, and involved citizens; we will accomplish this by providing diverse, challenging educational experiences in partnership with families and the community.

Online Registration and Verification

For the 2016-2017 school year, we have moved to a paperless enrollment process, powered by InfoSnap. To register your child and/or complete your child's registration verification, please use the applicable button below.

If you answer NO to ALL of the following questions, please use the New Student Enrollment/Registration button. If you answer YES to ANY of the following questions, please use the Current or Returning Student Registration/Verification button.

  • Does your child currently attend the Colchester School District and/or one of the programs/services listed below?
  • Did your child attend the Colchester School District in a previous school year for K-12 education?
  • Did/does your child attend the Colchester Early Education Program (EEE), Champlain Valley Head Start, or receive Outreach Services through the Colchester School District?
  • Did/does your child receive funding from the Colchester School District to reduce tuition expenses for Pre-Kindergarten education through the Act 166 program (Universal Publicly Funded Pre-Kindergarten)?