Frequently Asked Questions

For the first day of school, please send in money to start your child’s account. Be sure to include a deposit slip and your child’s PIN. Deposit slips are available on our website and at every school.

New students receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN) shortly after enrolling, so that they may purchase school meals. If your child does not receive a PIN, call your child's school’s cafeteria.

The Colchester School District uses a computerized cashless payment system. That means that our cashiers are no longer able to accept cash on our lunch lines.

Each student has a cafeteria account. Parents deposit funds into this account, so all meals are pre-paid. Students purchase their meals electronically using a PIN number. This number is entered into a keypad at the end of the cafeteria line. Although all students are issued a PIN, our younger students (preschool through grade 2) are not required to use their PIN. We can access their account using their name and photo.

What are the benefits of using a computerized cashless payment system?

Here are just a few of the benefits we have identified:

  1. Parents will know where their money is going. Only food items can be purchased. Cash cannot be taken out of an account.
  2. Parents can pay with a weekly, monthly or yearly check. Families will not have to hassle with spare change every day. And that change won't be lost before lunch.
  3. Since no cash is handled, students will move more quickly through lunch lines.
  4. All students are treated in the same manner. If a student is eligible for free or reduced price meals, the computer knows the status automatically and charges nothing (as if the student had money in their account).

Your child's cafeteria account works as a debit card and not a credit card. You must deposit funds into the account before using the account to purchase school meals. Parents have a few different options for paying for their child's meals:

  1. Cash or check deposit of $3.00 or more sent with your child to school -- must be a minimum of $3.00. Always include a deposit slip with your payment; please add your child's name, school, and PIN to the deposit slip. Also, please include the PIN on your check. Deposit slips are available on our web site (see the menu on the left side of this page) and at every school. If you are paying by check and have children in different schools, a check must be sent to each school. Please make your check payable to Colchester School Lunch Program.

Although we accept cash,
a check is a more secure payment option.

  1. Credit or debit card payment made through the Internet at, with the MySchoolBucks mobile app., or by calling 1-855-832-5226. You'll need your child's 7 digit District ID (this is not your PIN number). If you do not know your District ID number, please call the school's cafeteria. NOTE: MySchoolBucks charges a fee for each credit/debit card transaction.
  1. At Colchester High School and Colchester Middle School, students can deposit cash into a kiosk machine at the school. The funds are immediately credited to the student's account. This is an option for CHS & CMS students only.

MySchoolBucks is the Internet service parents use to obtain account balance information online. This service is easy to use, convenient, and secure. You can deposit money through this web site for a fee using a credit or debit card. If you prefer, however, you can still send money (cash or check) to school with your child. It's your choice. No credit card is required.

To view your child's balance online, you must enroll at or use the MySchoolBucks mobile app. You do not need to use their credit/debit service to set up an account.

MySchoolBucks adheres to the strictest security standards for online payments. As services of Heartland School Solutions, a division of Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (NYSE: HPY), we have the resources and expertise of the nation's 5th largest payment processor to protect your account and payment information.

You can reach MySchoolBucks support by email at or call 855-832-5226 for technical support.

Cash or check deposits made at the school are processed at the end of the school day. So a deposit made today will be available and appear in your online account at tomorrow.

Credit or debit card payments made through or the MySchoolBucks mobile app. are processed continually throughout the day, but we recommend you stay at least a day ahead to ensure your child maintains a positive balance.

Payments made through MySchoolBucks will show up as the name of the district where your student attends school.

All remaining funds carry over to the next school year. For graduating seniors you will have the choice of either transferring the remaining funds to a sibling, donating the remaining funds to the district food service program or picking up a refund from the food service office during graduation practice. If your child changes school, please change the school name at or through the MySchoolBucks mobile app.

If your child leaves the district at any time, it is your responsibility to contact the food service office (264-5706) to arrange a refund or to settle an outstanding balance. If you do not contact our office, the remaining funds in your child's account will be sent to unclaimed funds.

Parents are responsible for keeping track of their child's account balance. The school does not send out warnings when an account is running low on funds. Parents can obtain balance information (regardless of how they put money into their account) online at, through the MySchoolBucks mobile app., or by calling the staff in the school cafeteria. In addition, students may ask the cashier for their balance when they purchase their meal.

Yes. At and with the MySchoolBucks mobile app. you can place spending limits on your child's account and view one week's worth of purchases. You may also call your school for this information.

If there isn't any money in your child's account and they are not eligible for free or reduced-price meals, the purchase is charged and the student now has a negative balance. This balance must be paid by the next school day.

If a negative balance continues for the next 4 meals, the student will receive an alternate breakfast/lunch until the balance is paid. Students without funds in their account will not be allowed to purchase items from the a la carte line. We recommend parents maintain a positive balance in their child's account to cover 2 school days worth of meals.

Yes. Our district participates in the National School Lunch Program, so free or reduced-priced meals are available to eligible families. An application and more information about this program is available through your school and on our web site (see the menu on the left side of this page).

Students eligible for free or reduced price meals must purchase a complete breakfast or lunch. For example, if your child wants milk to go with their bag lunch from home they must pay for the milk.

Why? Because although individual items are available for purchase, they are not covered by the free or reduced price meals program. If your child purchases any of the following items, the additional cost will be charged to their cafeteria account:

  • Snack drinks, including juice and milk
  • Extra slices of pizza, a second helping of food, or additional items not included in the complete school meal
  • Items from the a la carte line at Colchester Middle School and Colchester High School

Remember, our cashless payment system ensures complete anonymity. Every student uses a PIN number for purchasing breakfast and lunch, so no one knows who is paying full price for meals and who is eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

Yes, we create a new menu each month. A copy is sent home with elementary students and posted on this website (see the menu on the right side of this page).

You can also find the following items on our website:

  • A current price list
  • The a la carte menu at CMS and CHS
  • Information on Free & Reduced-Price Meals
  • Links to nutritional information
  • Contact information for our staff
I do not know my child's Cafeteria PIN or District ID number (for online payments at

Please call the cafeteria staff in your child's school:

Colchester High School 264-5739
Colchester Middle School 264-5823
Malletts Bay School 264-5910
Porters Point School 264-5925
Union Memorial School 264-5947

District Nutritional Services

Steve Davis
Steve Davis
Dir. of Nutrition & Food Services

Phone: 802.264.5706
Looking for staff catering? Inquire here.

Cathy Ward
Cathy Ward
Free/Reduced-Price Meals Program Coordinator

Phone: 802.264.5985

CSD Nutritional Services
PO Box 900, 131 Laker Lane
Colchester, VT 05446


School Nutritional Services

Laura Sumner
Laura Sumner
Head Cook
Colchester High School

Phone: 802.264.5739
Wendy Colgrove
Wendy Colgrove
Head Cook
Colchester Middle School

Phone: 802.264.5823
Claire Chamberlain
Claire Chamberlain
Head Cook
Malletts Bay School

Phone: 802.264.5910
Barb Iaria
Barb Iaria
Head Cook
Porters Point School

Phone: 802.264.5925
Kendy Mayo
Kendy Mayo
Head Cook
Union Memorial School

Phone: 802.264.5947
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