Parent Guide to the Educational Support Team

Colchester Middle School uses a variety of supports and services to help meet the needs of all children. These supports and services make up our Educational Support System. This system is designed to help your child grow socially, academically, emotionally and physically.

Our ESS is rooted in the belief that all children will learn and that those closest to the child are most able to provide appropriate support, accommodations and/or special services. We support all children in reaching their potential.

Colchester Middle School is committed to helping every child achieve challenging standards and make the most of each day’s learning opportunities. The Educational Support Team (EST) maintains confidential contact with the referral source and teachers to follow the progress of each student served by the team.

An important part of The Colchester Middle School Educational Support System is the Educational Support Team (EST). The primary purpose of the EST is to assist classroom teachers and staff in developing a plan that will support a child in the educational program. The team is made up of the following staff members:

  • Principal
  • Guidance Counselor(s)
  • School Psychologist
  • School Social Workers
  • Special Educators
  • Regular Classroom Teachers
Additionally, the person who makes the initial EST Referral is invited to the meeting. The EST meets regularly to collaborate on children’s concerns. They:
  • Identify support and services for individual children
  • Develop plans to support each child in school
  • Evaluate what’s working and make changes to existing plans when necessary
  • Help teachers to develop strategies for supporting individual children