Art Club (Mrs. Cummings)

The art club meets on a regular basis to create art and participate in an array of activities and projects. The members of the club are students who could not fit art into their schedule or who want to have more experience without the pressure of a grade. Some of the activities include trips to New York City, the Fleming Museum, art stores and galleries. Extra projects have included mural paintings around the school, Thanksgiving basket centerpieces, holiday bazaar face painting, an art auction and much more. The art club is lots of fun and very creative.

Backcountry Skiing (Mr. Warren)

Backcountry Skiing is an amazing opportunity for students to hike in and access off piste terrain while practicing wilderness skills and safety.

CHS Cares (Ms. Shearman)

CHS cares is a volunteer organization that meets regularly throughout the school year in support of various service projects. CHS Cares works within the school and community to create a caring environment. Projects they have been involved in are the Crop Walk, giving thanksgiving baskets to Colchester families, Respect and Responsibility day and entertaining the elderly in various resident homes. This organization is an opportunity for students to make a difference in the community in which we live.

Climbing Club (Mr. MacArdle)

Climbing is an activity for students who have an interest in practicing agility, planning, teambuilding, and just having fun. Fear of heights is optional.

Colchester Theatre Company

The award-winning Colchester High School Theatre Company is a yearlong activity for students interested in theatre arts. A student can choose from several main stage plays or various technical job opportunities. Students learn the rewards that come from hard work, ensemble participation and a strong sense of commitment.

Theatre Company Rehearsal Schedule

Debate/Forensics Teams (Mr. Hall/ Ms. deLaricheliere)

While in the same league, Debate and Speech, also known as Forensics are two separate teams. On the Debate Team, students investigate and argue the pros and cons of solutions to current issues against other teams and using the art of rhetoric, persuade impartial judges to support their side of the argument. Unlike the two-way discourse of debate, forensics offers students the opportunity to craft speeches on a variety of topics. There are a number of categories in which students can compete, from Impromptu (making up a short speech on the spot), to Poetry (delivering and interpreting a poem written by an established poet), to Radio (creating and delivering a radio broadcast), to many more. Students compete against other schools and are judged on their content and delivery. Both Debate and Forensics teams have a successful history in state competition. The skills learned in Debate and Forensics will serve you well in school, college and life.

Green Team (Mrs. Laquerre)

Green Team is a student-run organization that focuses on reducing our environmental footprint individually as well as within our school and local communities. We work hard to find creative and practical ways to reduce, re-use and recycle!

QSA (Ms. Eldred)

LGBTQ+ identifying students meet once a week in the Library. Each group begins with socialising and talking about our week as well as discussing changes we want to see in the school and working to make CHS a more welcoming, safe, inclusive school. QSA is a place for students to meet new people, make friends, find support, and become involved in social action projects and local LGBT+ events.

International Club (Mdme. Romary)

This is a student-led club. It meets regularly after school. Students have opportunities to explore world cultures throughout various excursions, guest speakers (student and adults), food, music, etc.

Math League (Ms. Dixon)

The Greater Burlington Math League consists of students from ten area high schools who get together five times during the school year to compete individually and as a team in solving a variety of math problems in various areas. Brainteasers, Geometry, Algebra, advanced math and team are just a few. Ninth graders enrolled in Geometry or Algebra II are eligible. Math Team provides an opportunity for students to represent their school in an academic setting, to meet other students with similar interests and abilities and to explore math topics beyond those normally studied in traditional courses.

National Honor Society (Mr. Phillips)

Membership in the NHS is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student. Chapters across the nation strive to honor individuals who excel in the four areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Go to the CHS National Honor Society Website!

CHS National Honor Society Website
Log Hours Here

Student Government (Mr. MacArdle & Mrs. Brady)

Student Government is a wonderful way for students to get involved in CHS. This group is comprised of all class officers and organizes various events throughout the year. School dances, community service events, school store, the blood drive and aid for the homeless are just a few of the activities.

Student Committees (Ms. Baron)

There are several different faculty/student committees for students to join. A few of the committees currently in place are the School Climate Committee, the Nutrition Committee, and Teacher Hiring Committees. You are the reason we are here. Use your voice to make CHS as good as it can be!

Yearbook (Ms. deLaricheliere)

Yearbook Website

Being a part of the yearbook club is a great chance for you to be creative, meet lots of new people, and help to remember your time here at CHS. Students can sign up to participate in the creation of the school yearbook for credit as a course or for no-credit after school.